Quadrant EPP'S Borotron® Enhanced HDPE Used in Radiation Shielding.


Borotron® HD050 from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (Quadrant EPP) is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) formulation enhanced with 5% elemental boron that has been used to provide extra shielding against neutron radiation. The combination of boron within a matrix of HDPE, a naturally hydrogen rich material, is used nuclear shielding applications. Hydrogen rich materials attenuate neutrons extremely well and boron has an affinity for absorbing thermalized neutrons.


Potential uses include shielding for radiation therapy rooms, where the product in plate form is integrated into the wall structure. Other application environments where its properties bring similar benefits include nuclear research centers, nuclear power plants, power generation areas in nuclear submarines, production areas for nuclear detection devices and the equipment itself, and spacecraft exposed to radiation.