MAKROLON 15 Polycarbonate Sheet offers superior weatherability. Innovative MAKSHIELD coating technology enhances its performance.

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MAKROLON 15 employs MAKSHIELD® coating technology which has been used successfully in mass produced automotive glazing applications for over 5 years

MAKSHIELD imparts unprecedented durability to MAKROLON 15 for architectural glazing applications coupled with the inherent toughness of polycarbonate.


Upon exposure to UV radiation, weatherability can be quantified by degree of yellowness, or “Yellowness Index” (YI) as measured in ASTM D1925 Test Method for Yellowness Index of Plastics. Visible changes are detectable when YI ≈ 8

More Weathering

MAKROLON® 15 is warranted for 15 years against yellowing and loss of light transmission when used in vertical glazing applications.


Weather Resistance Performance


Abrasion Resistance Performance
  • Outperforms abrasion resistance of acrylic
  • Approaching abrasion resistance of glass
  • Two times the abrasion resistance of competitive coated material


Impact Resistance Performance
  • 100x-200x impact resistance of glass*
  • 20x-30x impact resistance oft acrylic**
  • Equivalent impact resistance to competitive coated material

* Depending upon glass type
** Depending upon acrylic type


IBC 2606.4, Class CC1: International Building Code, Chapter 26, Plastics (Light Transmitting Plastics Specifications)

Florida Building Code 2004, Category: Shutters, Sub-category: Storm Panels and Category: Sky Lights, Sub-category: Skylight

CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Category I or Category II: Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials

ANSI Z97.1-2004: American National Standard for Safety Glazing Materials Used in Buildings - Safety Performance Specifications and Methods of Test

UL972: Burglary Resistant Glazing Materials ULListed product ULFile #BP2126

*Selected gauges of MAKROLON 15 Sheet comply with these standards.

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