TECAPEEK? is a widely popular high performance material with numerous sub-grades which have been formulated to modify specific properties. The hydrolysis resistance of TECAPEEK extends to over 200 degrees C. TECAPEEK insulates electrically even at high voltages. Electrical engineering and medical technology as well as mechanical engineering and aerospace benefit from the outstanding load-bearing strength of TECAPEEK.


Grades Available: * Tecapeek? -- Unfilled * Tecapeek? GF30 -- 30% Glass reinforceChemical Resistance * Halogenated hydrocarbons, solvents and refrigerants -- excellent * Hydrocarbons, mineral oils, greases, transmission fluids -- excellent * Organic chemicals -- excellent to fair * Inorganic chemicals -- excellent * Water -- excellent


* Valves * Pump parts * Flow meters * Bearings * Valve seats * Valve linings